Bodine Electric of Decatur
Bodine Electric of Decatur

Safety & Training

No aspect of our work is as important to us as the safety of our workers. It’s a core value and it’s evident in everything we do. Our proactive approach to creating a safe work environment has proven itself effective as exemplified by our numerous awards, accolades, and industry superior safety record.

We know incidents are prevented by continuous training and careful planning. Bodine’s safety team provides periodic training and frequently performs compliance audits. We take our employee observations and reports and use them to make recommendations for safety equipment, create new policies, and establish new safety procedures. We also track our corrective actions to ensure conditions are always improving.

We recognize the importance of our managerial commitment, but we know it’s ultimately the collaborative efforts of all our employees and their dedication to a safe work environment. Each employee, from management down to our newest hire, is involved in our safety process, and our progress and success is a direct result of their commitment.

Please contact Bodine Electric’s safety department for a copy of our safety policy.

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