ABB Baldor-Reliance Explosion-Proof Electric Motors

ABB’s Baldor-Reliance Explosion-Proof Electric Motors ABB’s Baldor-Reliance line of explosion-proof motors offers a broad portfolio of solutions suited for multiple industries and applications. UL-listed Baldor motors with highly efficient designs can maximize operating savings as well as increase reliability and uptime. Multiple models are available, including general purpose, severe duty, drill rig, submersible, DC permanent […]

WEG WG20 Geared Motors

wg20 motor

WEG WG20 Geared Motors WEG’s WG20 line is its first geared motor range developed completely in-house, and comprises helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel geared motors with torques between 440 and 13700 lb-in. WG20 motors are available in a two-stage design featuring a large ratio range, which in turn makes them highly efficient. Moreover, the […]

Littelfuse MP8000 Motor Protection Overload Relays

Littelfuse MP8000 Motor Protection Overload Relays The Littelfuse MP8000 electronic overload relay protects any motor drawing 0.5 to 1,000 full load amps, and is designed for single or three-phase systems with operating voltages of 90 to 690 VAC. Through the Littelfuse app, real-time operational information is available, helping enhance arc-flash safety. Bluetooth® interface through Littelfuse […]

Toshiba AS3 Adjustable Speed Drive

Toshiba AS3 Adjustable Speed Drive Toshiba’s AS3 adjustable speed drive is designed with an emphasis on built-in communications, allowing end-users to access real-time data and refined controls to maximize system performance. Dual-port ethernet IP — Enables simple connection of multiple AS3s together on one network while simplifying cable management. Embedded web server — Allows for […]

ABB TruONE Automatic Transfer Switches

ABB TruONE Automatic Transfer Switches ABB’s TruONE automatic transfer switch incorporates both switch and controller in one seamless unit, a self-contained design that minimizes wires and connections. The streamlined design results in a substantial reduction in installation time — up to 80%. In addition, TruONE™ ATS units’ predictive maintenance and modular components can help […]

Pepperl+Fuchs Vibration Sensors

P+F VIM3 Vibration Sensors Pepperl+Fuchs’ VIM3 vibration sensors reliably detect changes in measured vibration values, allowing preventive maintenance of incorrect alignment or imbalance to be undertaken before any costly damage or failures occur. Condition monitoring sensors provide reliable vibration measurement data required for efficient predictive maintenance, and the VIM3 series includes IO-Link communication for customizable […]

Bodine Electric Company Permanent Magnet DC Gearmotors

Bodine Electric Co. Permanent Magnet DC Gearmotors Bodine Electric Company, headquarted in Northfield, Illinois, is a leading gearmotor and drive manufacturer, and its 42A line of permanent magnet gearmotors is ideal for a variety of manufacturing uses. Bodine Electric Company gearmotors are designed to drive applications such as medical equipment, conveyor systems, packaging equipment, printing, […]

Toshiba Quarry-Duty Electric Motors

toshiba quarry-duty motor

Toshiba’s EQP Global Quarry-Duty Motors Toshiba’s EQP Global quarry-duty motor utilizes a totally enclosed fan-cooled design, oversized superior-grade bearings and shafts built with high-strength steel to withstand harsh environments. This low-vibration motor exceeds NEMA MG1 standards for improved stability and durability. These key features allow these motors to provide outstanding reliability and efficiency for the […]

ABB SACE Tmax XT5 & XT7 Molded Case Circuit Breakers


ABB SACE Tmax XT5 & XT7 Molded Case Circuit Breakers SACE Tmax XT molded case circuit breakers ensure extreme performance and protection features up to 1,200 amps. They are designed to maximize ease of use, integration and connectivity, and built to deliver safety, reliability and quality. Both the XT5 and XT7 are manufactured for heavy-duty […]

Toshiba Medium-Voltage Motors and Drives

toshiba mv tile

Toshiba Medium-Voltage Motors and Drives Toshiba offers complete medium-voltage motor and drive solutions well-suited for industrial applications of any type. The EQP Global® 841 electric motor is IEEE 841 nameplated and offers severe duty protection for the toughest applications, and three versions of Toshiba’s MTX NEMA 3R medium-voltage adjustable speed drive are specifically engineered for […]