Eaton Magnum PXR Switchgear

eaton prx tile

Eaton Magnum PXR Switchgear Eaton’s Magnum PXR switchgear brings a new look along with the integration of Power Xpert Release trip units, providing what you expect and much more — with added safety features, enhanced functionality and communications. In addition to models with both front and rear access, Magnum PXR switchgear features versions with ArcGard […]

HellermannTyton Quick2Clamp P-Clamps

quick2clamp tile

HellermannTyton Quick2Clamp Inline Ratchet P-Clamps Quick2Clamp inline ratchet P-clamps offer ultra-fast installation and versatility for managing conduit, tubing and cables — with a built-in strut mount that attaches with a simple twist. A one-piece design makes this P-clamp simple to install. The robust, adjustable clamp closes by hand to the desired diameter, and a […]

Marathon SyMAX Permanent Magnet Motors

marathon symax

Marathon SyMAX Permanent Magnet Motors Regal Rexnord’s Marathon SyMAX® motor offers among the highest available dynamic response of any motor on the market due to reduced rotor inertia. With permanent magnet design, SyMAX® rotor loss is minimized, reducing operating temperature. The result is consistent repeatable machine performance that creates less product variation and a higher […]

Littelfuse Industrial Shock-Block

littelfuse shockblock tile

Littelfuse Industrial Shock-Block Littelfuse’s Industrial Shock Block (ISB) is designed to meet the requirements for special-purpose GFCIs defined by UL 943C. Class C GFCIs are intended to be used on three-phase systems where the line-to-line voltage is 480 V or less with a trip level of 20 mA, while Class D GFCIs are intended to […]

IDEC HG2J Touchscreens

idec touchscreen

IDEC HG2J Touchscreens Stylish, smart capacitance touchscreens with an input voltage of 12-24V DC make the HG2J HMI (human-machine interface) a leading choice for applications across a variety of industries, including industrial, solar and vehicle applications. Offered in a popular size form factor, HG2J uses projected-capacitive (PCAP) technology to provide a slimmer and sleeker appearance, […]

ABB Baldor EC Titanium Motor-Drives

ec titanium tile

ABB Baldor EC Titanium Motor-Drives EC Titanium motors are a highly efficient integrated motor-drive that combines synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet technologies for a sustainable, wirelessly connected solution that improves your bottom line. Electronically commutated motors have traditionally been used to meet high-efficiency requirements, and the EC Titanium line exceeds the highest standards while providing […]

Marathon Flex-in-1 General Purpose Motors

flex-in-1 tile

Marathon Flex-in-1 General Purpose Motors Marathon Motors Flex-in-1 general purpose motors are designed to offer out-of-the-box easy configuration while minimizing the amount of storage space necessary for inventory. By nature, a general-purpose motor can serve in a multitude of applications, and the Flex-in-1 motor is no different. The configurable design makes modifying the motor to […]

Eaton Switchgear Modernization

eaton switchgear

Eaton Switchgear Modernization Eaton’s switchgear modernization services offer cost-effective renovation to existing equipment, with minimal power interruptions and without total replacement. Solutions extend the useful life of aging electrical power systems by providing safe and reliable reconditioning of existing equipment, as well as new replacement circuit breakers and other components that improve reliability and safety. […]

CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers

coolblue inductive absorbers

CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers CoolBLUE inductive absorbers are a newer approach to managing noise on the power cables connecting variable frequency drives and electric motors. Rather than traditional insulated bearings and shaft grounding rings, CoolBLUE absorbers act as a common mode choke and dissipate noise on the power cables into thermal. This method significantly increases the […]

ABB 3-Pole Safety Contactors

abb safety contactors

ABB 3-Pole Safety Contactors ABB has designed a line of 3-pole contactors with machine safety in mind. The AFS contactors are available in a wide range, stretching from 9A to 750A for motor-starting applications. Fast response: AFS contactors feature fast opening times, down to 20 ms for certain PLC controlled contactors, ensuring that dangerous failures […]