Repairing electric motors and industrial equipment for more than a century

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Bodine Electric offers a variety of electro-mechanical repair services aimed at meeting all your equipment needs. With 40 experienced technicians supported by an in-house engineering staff, we can analyze and correct many causes of reliability problems. In our repair facility, Bodine performs machining, welding, metalizing, plating and repair services up to 50 inches in diameter and 14 feet in length. We have a huge well of experience to draw from — about 70 percent of Bodine technicians have spent at least a decade repairing equipment.


Electric Motor Repair

Complete rebuilding, rewinding and repair services for any AC/DC electric motor. EASA accredited, UL listed.

Mechanical Repair

Rebuilding gear reducers/drives, pumps, blowers, fans, trunnion rolls and other industrial equipment.

Power Equipment Services

Bodine repairs AC/DC drives, servo and stepper drives, switches, PLCs and other types of power and electronic equipment.

Welder Repair & Maintenance​

Authorized warranty service for Miller, Lincoln and other manufacturers, as well as calibration programs.

Generator Repair & Testing​

Repairs, routine maintenance and on-site load testing up to 650 kW for any kind of generator.

Hoist Services

Certified technicians perform custom-tailored inspection schedules right for your specific equipment.

Circuit Breaker Retrofitting​

Following ANSI/PEARL reconditioning standards to cost-effectively extend equipment lifespan.

Servo Motor Repair​

We repair servo motors from any manufacturer, and maintain an extensive parts inventory.

UPS Battery Testing​

We perform checks of your UPS system, warding against potential downtime and data loss.

Predictive Maintenance​

Our various maintenance programs help boost the reliability of your equipment and facility.

Infrared Scanning​

Improve safety and avoid costly equipment failures with a routine inspection schedule.

Need Something Else?​

Even if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, we may still be able to help. Bodine performs many other repair services.


EASA Accreditation​

Our facility is an EASA Accredited Service Center, demonstrating that we follow the highest industry standards to maintain or improve electric motors. Bodine’s practices have been evaluated by a third-party audit to affirm our commitment to quality repairs. We’ve been a member of EASA since 1978.

PEARL Accreditation

In 2020, Bodine became a service member of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League, a national trade organization for companies that recondition electrical equipment and apparatuses. PEARL is also an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.