Regular use of hoists will always result in wear on their critical components. Routine inspections and maintenance are necessary to avoid the risk of failures that can harm personnel, products and your business.

While OSHA requires that all hoists are inspected at least yearly, many hoists require more frequent testing. The type of hoist and its usage will dictate what inspection frequency is necessary. Bodine’s technicians have been certified by the Crane Institute of America to inspect overhead and gantry cranes; monorail systems; and hoists. We can provide regularly scheduled inspections to meet your equipment’s specific needs.

Inspection Frequency

Hoist inspections fall into two different categories: frequent inspections and periodic inspections. Frequent inspections occur at least monthly, while periodic inspections can occur bimonthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the hoist.

Hoists must also be inspected upon installation, as well as any time they have undergone reinstallations, modifications and repairs. Manufacturers may also require inspections at prescribed intervals.



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