WEG W22 Electric Motors

weg w22 electric motor

W22 Electric Motors WEG’s W22 line of electric motors was designed to make severe duty standard throughout the product line. W22 motors have advances and options throughout their design to improve durability, efficiency and ease of use. W22 motors have met or exceeded numerous standards, including those in IEEE841 for balancing. These motors are also […]

Regal Marathon Globetrotter Motors

marathon globetrotter

Marathon Globetrotter Totally Enclosed Electric Motors Regal’s Marathon Globetrotter line of electric motors has undergone multiple upgrades, making it a strong option among modern, durable motors for industrial applications. A redesigned totally enclosed cast iron construction brings with it many features that increase the Globetrotter’s dependability — evidenced by improved IP and hazardous location ratings. It’s available from […]

1,500 HP AC Motor Repair

electric motor rewinding

1,500 HP AC Motor Repair This 1,500 HP, 1,200 RPM AC electric motor had been undergoing monthly vibration testing, and began showing marginal readings about six months before it ultimately failed. Bodine’s evaluation of the equipment indicated the failure was due to insulation degradation that ultimately caused a winding to short. The motor appeared to […]

Case Study: Vibration Analysis Finds Bad Bearing Fit

bearing journal damage

Case Study: Vibration Analysis Finds Bad Bearing Fit In 2014, a customer contacted Bodine after observing a noticeable increase in vibration in its coal crusher. The crusher’s hammer mill had recently been reconditioned elsewhere, and a rebuilt rotor and new bearings had been installed. After a short time in service, the vibration had increased to […]

Failure Analysis: Motor-Pump Unit Shaft

Failure Analysis: Motor-Pump Unit Shaft A sanitary plant customer brought this motor-pump unit in for repair in 2014. It had been used to move liquid before it failed. The shaft, which was shared between the motor and pump, had failed near the seal. Our observations included: A fair amount of corrosion on the surfaces of […]

Repairing AC Motor Covered in Corn

motor corn covered

Repairing AC Motor Covered in Corn This 250 HP, 1,800 RPM AC electric motor failed as a result of inefficient cooling due to corn product buildup. The excessive thermal conditions resulted in insulation degradation and a grounded winding. Our observations of the damage included: The windings were burnt The lubrication in both bearings was degraded […]

Quick Turnaround On Motor Repair Helps New Customer

emergency motor repair

Quick Turnaround On Motor Repair Helps New Customer Bodine Electric is always ready to provide emergency electric motor repair services, and that proved out when a Saturday call came into our after-hours answering service in July 2021. A new customer — an ingredient manufacturer in North Carolina — had its production held up when a […]

Bodine Electric Company Gearmotors

Bodine Electric Co. SCR-Rated Gearmotors Bodine Electric Company offers a complete line of parallel and hollow shaft DC gearmotors to fit multiple industrial applications. These models are all compatible with unfiltered SCR speed controls, and can perform under many conditions. Bodine gearmotors are available in dozens of models and can be a drop-in substitute for […]

Toshiba EQP Global Low-Voltage Motors

Toshiba EQP Global Low-Voltage Motors Toshiba’s EQP Global line of low-voltage motors — available from 3/4 to 700HP — builds on its previous EQPIII motor series, making it one of the lowest cost-of-ownership products in the industry. The totally enclosed fan-cooled EQP Global line offers NEMA Premium efficiency levels while meeting or exceeding the requirements […]

TECO-Westinghouse Medium Voltage Motors

TECO-Westinghouse Medium Voltage Motors TECO-Westinghouse features a large selection of stock electric motors, including the Global Max TEFC Medium Voltage Motor. This medium voltage motor offers standard provisions for bearing RTDs, 100-ohm platinum stator RTDs and 120-volt space heaters. Other specifications include: Speed: 900, 1200, 1800, 3600 RPM Voltage: 2300/4000V Class F insulation Class B […]