Routine maintenance for your UPS system is essential to ensuring that it works when you need it to most. Failure at the wrong time can lead to downtime, data loss and more.

While many UPS systems can remotely detect and report existing problems, that’s not a substitute for regular, physical inspections. Maintenance detects corrosion, enclosure cleanliness, connection issues and other problems before they turn into larger issues.

Get in touch with Bodine today to get started with a plan for regular UPS system inspections and maintenance. We can create a plan that makes sense for your facility and equipment, and provide detailed test reports with findings and repair recommendations.

Bodine’s regular maintenance and testing of UPS systems includes:

Common problems

Batteries — Roughly 70 percent of problems encountered with UPS systems stem from weakened batteries or systems that won’t start. All batteries have a limited lifespan and need regular testing.

Capacitors — A typical UPS has a dozen or more capacitors, of many shapes and sizes. Over time, these can degrade and fail, limiting the lifespan of other capacitors.

Filters — Replacing filters regularly can avoid UPS shutdowns due to excessive dust and overheating.

Fans — Fans may slow or stall as they age, eventually needing replaced to avoid overheating.

Start a project with us

Provide some initial details about your project and a member of our repair team will reach out for more information. For emergencies, call (800) 252-3369.

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