Littelfuse Industrial Shock-Block

littelfuse shockblock tile

Littelfuse Industrial Shock-Block Littelfuse’s Industrial Shock Block (ISB) is designed to meet the requirements for special-purpose GFCIs defined by UL 943C. Class C GFCIs are intended to be used on three-phase systems where the line-to-line voltage is 480 V or less with a trip level of 20 mA, while Class D GFCIs are intended to […]

ABB 3-Pole Safety Contactors

abb safety contactors

ABB 3-Pole Safety Contactors ABB has designed a line of 3-pole contactors with machine safety in mind. The AFS contactors are available in a wide range, stretching from 9A to 750A for motor-starting applications. Fast response: AFS contactors feature fast opening times, down to 20 ms for certain PLC controlled contactors, ensuring that dangerous failures […]