Pepperl+Fuchs Vibration Sensors

P+F VIM3 Vibration Sensors Pepperl+Fuchs’ VIM3 vibration sensors reliably detect changes in measured vibration values, allowing preventive maintenance of incorrect alignment or imbalance to be undertaken before any costly damage or failures occur. Condition monitoring sensors provide reliable vibration measurement data required for efficient predictive maintenance, and the VIM3 series includes IO-Link communication for customizable […]

P+F R10x Photoelectric Sensors

P+F R10x Photoelectric Sensors Pepperl+Fuchs’ newest line of photoelectric sensors offers incredible versatility, combining multiple sensing modes into standard housings, and has more installation possibilities than ever before. The R100 and R101 sensors also feature other state-of-the-art advances ideal for facilities with an eye on the future. Some of the benefits include: 8 different sensing […]